How To Fit

  1. Ensure surface is dry, smooth and clear of any substances (if necessary, wipe with damp cloth first and allow to dry).Peel adhesive pad from strip and affix to the base of the Chelsea Clip.
  2. Peel backing from pad, press Chelsea Clip firmly into position on selected surface. Screws should be used when fitting onto a suitable surface.
  3. Leave in position for at least 12 hours for adhesive to cure, before use. If screwed, the Clip may be used immediately.
  4. We strongly recommend the use of the screws provided to secure the Chelsea Clip. Care should be taken when judging the thickness of table top, etc, to ensure that no inadvertent damage can be caused to furniture.
  5. Apply window stickers to the premises.
  6. Deploy Menu stickers and hangers to advise of the clips use.
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