How It Works

The Chelsea Clip is a specially designed nylon hook from which a bag, or other small item of personal luggage, can be suspended by its own strap. The item is easily placed onto the clip but two hands are required to remove it, making 'handbag snatching' and quick theft virtually impossible.

Café chains in London have been using The Chelsea Clip to reduce handbag and laptop theft as part of a Café Watch scheme and have successfully cut petty crime by half. The cafes taking part in the scheme include Starbucks, Eat, Costa Coffee, Coffee Republic, Pret and Café Nero.

The Chelsea Clip has also been fitted in restaurant and bar areas at Harrod’s, the world’s most famous department store.

One of the most important factors is making customers aware that The Chelsea Clip is available for use, so a range of eye-catching communication products have been designed including window stickers and handbag-shaped ‘hangers’ that can be hung on the clip to encourage customers to secure their bags to prevent theft.
Suitable posters and other display material such as window and menu stickers should always be used in conjunction with The Chelsea Clip as a deterrent to thieves and as a reminder to both customers and staff that the clips are there to be used.

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